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Environmental Assessments - Fri Mar 14 13:44:00 MDT 2014

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Decision Notice: Travelers' Rest State Park - Access Road, Parking Area and Lighting Improvements

It is the Parks Division decision to implement Alternative B, and reconfigure and pave the entry road and parking areas, reclaim unnecessary roadways and parking areas and add security lighting to the parking areas. By notification of this Decision Notice, the Draft EA is hereby made the Final EA. Based on the analysis in the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and the applicable laws, regulations and policies, Montana State Parks has determined that the proposed action will not have significant effects on the human or physical environment. Therefore an Environmental Impact Statement will not be prepared. The Draft EA and this Decision Notice may be viewed at or obtained from Montana State Parks on 3201 Spurgin Road in Missoula. This action is subject to appeal, which must be submitted to the Parks Division Administrator in writing and postmarked within 30 days of this decision notice.

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