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Environmental Assessments - Mon Apr 21 14:18:38 MDT 2014

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Decision Notice Issued on EA for Milltown State Park, Development of the Gateway and Confluence Areas, Pending Resolution of Access Issues

(Missoula, MT) - Montana State Parks ( announced today that a Decision Notice has been issued on the Environmental Assessment (EA) for development of the Gateway and Confluence Areas at the new Milltown State Park. The decision is to pursue the park development in the Milltown Gateway and Confluence Areas, pending resolution of access issues. By notification of this Decision Notice, the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is hereby made the Final EA. Under the proposal, Montana State Parks would construct trails, parking areas, viewpoints, river access points and related public access and user facilities in the Milltown Gateway and Confluence Areas. The proposed development would provide the initial infrastructure essential to protect public safety and park resources. Funding for the initial phase of the park development would be provided through the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The public comment process for the proposed project was from January 24, 2014 through February 24, 2014. The proposal received 23 comments: 10 were supportive of the proposed project, one against, and 12 comments discussed general park management or additional topics. This action is subject to appeal, and must be submitted to the Parks Division Administrator (at 1420 E. 6th Avenue in Helena, MT 59620) in writing and postmarked within 30 days of this decision notice (by May 21). The appeal must specifically describe the basis for appeal, explain how the appellant has previously commented to the Department or participated in the decision making process and explain how FWP might address the concerns of the appeal.

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