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Environmental Assessments - Thu May 17 14:50:58 MDT 2018

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Decision Notice Issued for Capital Road Project at Makoshika State Park

(Glendive, MT) – Montana State Parks ( has issued a Decision Notice for a proposed Capital Road Project at Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT. The decision notice recommends moving forward with renovating the primary access road at Makoshika State Park. The project will utilize techniques of recycling existing pavement, deeper dig outs, and concrete additives to improve and strengthen the road so it is more stable in the moving soils of the park’s badlands topology. The project includes improving the road base, making surface and structural repairs to culverts, ditches, and other drainage features. The road was last paved in 1999 and is at the end of its realistic life. The surface has cracks, drainage problems, potholes, upheaving, rutting and other structural and deterioration issues. The renovated road will provide safe visitor travel for the next 20 years or more. It was determined that the proposed action will have no significant effects on the human or physical environment. Therefore, an environmental impact statement will not be prepared. By notification of this Decision Notice, the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) is hereby made the Final EA.

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