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Salmon Lake State Park Forest Health Improvement--Decision Notice
FWP has issued the Decision Notice (DN) for its draft environmental assessment (EA) and proposal to conduct forest management treatments on approximately 30 acres of its 42-acre Salmon Lake State Park, located in Region 2 FWP in Missoula County. The treatments would involve the removal of primarily conifer trees (both of merchantable and nonmerchantable value) for the purpose of mitigating hazard trees in developed park areas, reducing hazardous fuels in the wildland urban interface (WUI), and increasing resiliency of forested areas to insects and diseases. Upon completion of the public involvement process and by inclusion of the information noted in the DN, FWP accepts the draft EA as final and chooses the proposed action (Alternative B).
(Recent Public Notices - 11/20/2020)

Decision Notice Issued for Cottonwood Campground Repair at Cooney Reservoir State Park
(Roberts, MT) – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has issued a decision notice for the Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed repairs at Cooney State Park’s Cottonwood Campground. The decision recommends moving forward with Alternative-B, as outlined in the Draft Environmental Assessment. Alternative-B is the preferred proposed action. The proposed repairs at Cottonwood Campground will salvage existing failed riprap and reuse as riprap armoring for the roadway to prevent total loss of road and rebuild the eroded campsites using compacted fill and installing a tied concrete block mat along the exposed shorelines of each individual campsite in the Cottonwood campground. The lakeshore repairs will protect a state asset, enable the park to re-open the currently closed campsites, prevent further soil erosion and undercutting of the banks within the campground, and create a safer place for the public to access the water. The infrastructure locations will be as shown in the environmental assessment. A 20-day public comment process for the project was open from August 18th, 2020 through September 6th, 2020. Comments were received only from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC). The draft EA was amended and finalized on 09/15/2020 to reflect comments from DNRC. To view the final decision notice and environmental assessment (EA), visit and click on “Public Comment & Notices”. Or to request a copy, contact Marina Yoshioka at (406) 445-2326. Visit Montana State Parks ( and enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating and more and discover some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures on earth. A division of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
(Recent Public Notices - 09/29/2020)

Proposed Land Acquisition for Fort Owen State Park--Decision Notice
As part of this proposal, FWP also would abandon public access to a portion of a road easement along a shared private road that also accesses a private ranch. FWP proposes to acquire this land with the intention of providing additional public access and developing a parking lot for visitors to the State Park. Upon completion of the public involvement process and by inclusion of the amendment and information noted in this Decision Notice, FWP accepts the draft environmental assessment (EA) as final. FWP will request approval for the acquisition at the regular Montana State Parks and Recreation Board meeting, scheduled for September 17 via Zoom. This meeting is open to the public. (See the Montana State Parks webpage [under “Montana State Parks & Recreation Board”] for the meeting agenda, including details of how to participate via Zoom.)
(Recent Public Notices - 09/14/2020)

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